How Declining Mortgage Rates Are Changing the Real Estate Landscape

Mortgage rates are falling and there's a surprising benefit beyond a more affordable mortgage payment --more inventory! Read more in this latest blog.
Jan 31, 2024

The recent dip in mortgage rates brings promising news. Beyond the immediate impact on affordability, there's an intriguing ripple effect that might just be the catalyst you've been waiting for - an increase in the number of homes available for sale!

Over the past year, the housing market faced a challenge with a limited inventory of homes.

The culprit? The mortgage rate lock-in effect.

When rates went up, many homeowners chose to stick with their current properties, reluctant to give up their lower mortgage rates for a higher one on their next home.

However, the tide seems to be turning. The latest data from shows a rise in new listings in December 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, contrary to the typical seasonal cooling-off observed in the real estate market towards the end of the year.

This shift is noteworthy as it suggests that the rate lock-in effect may be loosening its grip, responding to the decline in mortgage rates. 

In fact, interest rates have recently fallen by a full percentage point from October to November 2023, signaling a positive change.

What does this mean for you as a prospective homebuyer?

While it won't lead to an overnight abundance of housing options, the increase in new listings is a positive sign. A continued reduction in interest rates could further lift the lock-in effect, fostering a sense of urgency among homeowners looking to sell.

So, as mortgage rates continue to decline, the door opens wider for more sellers to re-enter the market.

This, in turn, provides home seekers with a greater pool of options to choose from.

To make the most of this shifting landscape, it's advisable to connect with a local mortgage professional. Having a local expert by your side ensures that you stay abreast of the latest developments in your area, helping you navigate the market with confidence. As rates come down, the real estate market may just become the treasure trove of options you've been waiting for. It's time to seize the opportunity and embark on your home-buying journey with newfound optimism.

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